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Top 10 Hot Springs Sunset Spots | Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Top 10 Hot Springs Sunset Spots | Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

If I had to describe my perfect summer’s day in Hot Springs, Arkansas, it would always end with a sunset—a perfect place to watch the sun go down in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.


As each day draws to an end, there’s only one way to spend an evening in Hot Springs on a perfect day: observing the sun go down at one of many picturesque sites between the sparkling lakes and high points atop mountains. Here are a few of my favorite sunset spots, and on-site or closeby eateries.

Bubba Brews Sports Pub & Grill

I enjoy this spot for sunsets so much that in my book, 100 Things to Do in Hot Springs Before You Die, sipping a “banana pina colada at sunset at Bubba Brews” made number 10 on the list. It's amusing because Bubba Brews is a brewery, but let me tell you, their banana pina colada is such a standout (and, last time I checked, a non-menu item) that I had to mention it specifically to guide people toward the ultimate good time. However, if you're not a banana or pina colada fan because Bubba Brews has an impressive range of beverages to suit all tastes. From their finely crafted brews to other summer-inspired cocktails, you can rest assured that your drink of choice will perfectly complement the ambiance and enhance your sunset experience right on the sparkling waters of Lake Hamilton. Are you feeling hungry? Bubba Brew’s has you covered with a tasty menu, from their chef sandwiches to fresh salads and even catfish to pair with your sunset view.

Trejo's Del Lago

For a Latin-inspired journey, visit Trejos Del Lago. This culinary haven blends upscale Latin cuisine with a breathtaking backdrop of Lake Hamilton. As the sun begins to set here, the allure of Trejos Del Lago intensifies. Immerse yourself in the rich Mexican culture woven into every detail of this vibrant establishment. For an unforgettable experience, plan your visit on a Friday or Saturday night to enjoy live music. Choose a spot on the deck or the floating patio. Indulge in the Pollo Con Rajas, a chicken breast marinated in a delicate white wine sour cream sauce placed upon a bed of grilled onions, poblano peppers, and mushrooms for a highly recommended culinary delight—paired with pico, guacamole, and Spanish rice this dish is delectable. To enhance your experience further, I suggest Trejos Del Lago's signature Pina Colada. Served inside a hollowed pineapple rind and topped with an umbrella and cherry, this tropical concoction is the essence of summer. Moreover, indulge in the Moralez Mezcal Margarita for a beverage that genuinely sets Trejos Del Lago apart from other Latin establishments. This innovative twist on a classic margarita entices your senses with a delightful smoky essence, creating a truly unique and unforgettable libation.

The Rooftop at The Waters

If you find yourself in the downtown area of Hot Springs, there's another incredible spot that deserves your attention is The Rooftop at The Waters, where a chic and welcoming ambiance awaits. The menu is small, but every item is delectable. And like Bubba Brews and Trejos Del Lago, an impressive drink menu is also offered at The Rooftop. But this open-air dining destination offers more than just a delicious meal; it presents a breathtaking view of beautiful historic downtown Hot Springs painted with an orange hue as the sun begins to set. And the magic doesn't stop there—once the sun has set, The Rooftop becomes a haven for a delightful night out under the romantic stars. The soft glow of string lights draped above creates a captivating atmosphere, setting the stage for continued enjoyment long after the sun has sunk. You can savor the lingering flavors of your meal, engage in heartfelt conversations, or revel in the ambiance of this charming rooftop setting.

A picnic at the Northwoods Trails!

The beauty of residing in the Natural State and living in a National Park, makes it not hard to find a beautiful sunset anywhere. I suggest grabbing some takeout and having a quiet picnic. A few of my favorite places include the pagoda on Hot Springs Mountain, one of the many lookouts on West Mountain, Arlington Park, the Waterworks Trailhead at the Northwoods, or the open-air field at Cedar Glades Park. As for food, one of my favorite places to get takeout near all of these places is 420 Eats. This food truck court offers a variety of foods from around the world. Whether you’re after southern, Indian, Asian, or Latin, 420 has something for everyone. So grab some food and head to your desired sunset spot.

So, there you have it, folks—my example of a perfect summer’s day in the oasis of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Here, we offer a remarkable blend of natural beauty, culinary delights, and enchanting sunset vistas just waiting to be explored.

Visit all 10 of the top Hot Springs sunset spots!

1. Bubba Brews on Lake Hamilton

2. Trejo's Del Lago on Lake Hamilton

3. The Rooftop at The Waters

4. Balanced Rock/Sunset Trail, Hot Springs National Park

5. North Mountain, Hot Springs National Park

6. The Promenade, Hot Springs National Park

7. Northwoods Trails, Waterworks Trailhead

8. Cedar Glades Park

9. Entergy Park

10. Lake Ouachita, Brady Mountain

Do you have a favorite sunset spot? Share your sunset shots, #visithotsprings

Cassidy is a Hot Springs-based freelance journalist. In her free time, she enjoys playing games, skating, walking her dog Murphey and spending time with her nieces and nephews. Cassidy aspires to create a positive impact with her writing, be it fun or informative (or both!).

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