Diamondhead Community Market & Cafe | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas


Diamondhead Community Market & Cafe

Diamondhead Community Market & Cafe

A Place for Families & Friends To Eat, Take-Out, Or Dine-In Restaurant Next Door to All-Inclusive Convenience Store

Open Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM. If you're looking for a new restaurant to be a regular spot where you're always welcome, Diamondhead Community Market in welcomes you. Your hometown restaurant invites you to sit down and enjoy a delicious pizza and a basket of French fries among friends. We cater to customers with dietary restrictions. An All-Inclusive Convenience Store When you finish your meal and need to pick up a few items from the grocery store, you can stay right where you are and shop in our convenience store. We carry non-perishable and grocery items that you'd find a regular market in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Our refrigerators are stocked with the best treats, produce, and milk. Make lunch for yourself with bread, fresh-cut deli meat, chips, soda, and candy. We also have charcoal and lighter fluid available if you're planning a picnic at Lake Catherine State Park.

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