• Hours: 10 am - 5 pm
  • Mon. through Sat.
  • and by appointment.

On the walls of Gallery Central Curator Bess Sanders hangs art that she loves and would enjoy on the walls of her home or in her office. It is easy to sell art when you personally have a love of the work and also respect the artists. People who visit Gallery Central represent a diverse profile of interests and collector. Some have quite an extensive collection of art while others are only beginning to appreciate and purchase pieces for their home and office.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a piece. Start small, not only in size but money, thus allowing room for growth and awareness. Once comfortable with your selections you can expand your appreciation and collection. Even though we often have a particular place to hang a painting, one should try to purchase art for art's sake. Your paintings can then be moved within your home. Ms. Sanders says, "I enjoy rearranging my art to see the pieces in different light and surroundings. I am available to visit your home and bring art to your home. Until you actually see a work of art in the environment where it will be placed, it is difficult to fully appreciate the work. It never fails that after I have arranged my art that a frequent guest in my home will inevitably ask if something is new."

Expand your interests and add dimension to your life by including wonderful paintings, pottery and sculpture in your daily surroundings.  The curators of Gallery Central welcome you and look forward to helping you define your taste and decorate your home and office.

800 Central Ave.
Hot Springs, AR 71901