Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc. is the second largest quick-service sandwich chain in the U.S. Back in 1964, if you wanted something quick, you’d better have liked burgers. But our founders, Leroy and Forrest Raffel, had a taste for something different. So they opened a sandwich shop in Boardman, Ohio that served up hot, freshly sliced roast beef sandwiches as fast as anyone could flip a burger.

As of 2014, we've celebrated fifty years of serving the meats. And we've enjoyed every minute of it. Over the past 50 years we've built up quite a fan base of meat lovers, and in the next 50 we'll continue to give them what they want: quality meat sandwiches with fast and friendly service.

Hours of Operation:

  • Open Sunday through Thursday 10am to 11pm
  • Open Fridays and Saturdays 10am to midnight
104 Airport Rd
Hot Springs, AR 71913