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Tiny Town | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Tiny Town

Come admire the handiwork and enjoy some family fun operating our trains in the Uptown District! See the trains on our interactive model railroad go through scenes of 22 states, including Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and the Colorado Rockies. Our model railroad is completely animated with hundreds of moving parts. It has been hand carved and handcrafted by Moshinskie family for over 75 years. OPEN SEASONALLY, MARCH THROUGH OCTOBER. Don't come to Hot Springs without setting aside an hour to see Tiny Town and run the trains yourself. There is very little store-bought in the craftsmanship. For example, the guide will reach down and pick up a tree off the landscape and show you it's made of tin cans, sticks, wire and sawdust. There are no kit buildings from "Plasticville, U.S.A." in Tiny Town. That's really the magic of the attraction, the fact that so much of it is made from scratch, and recall that some of this stuff was made out of matches and paper clips by a teenager in the 1930's. ADULTS $6 Children $4

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