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evilO Oils & Vinegars | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

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evilO Oils & Vinegars

evilO Oils & Vinegars

We assume you have caught onto the name "evilO". If not, write the letters in reverse order, and it should become as clear as the wondrous oils from which the name evolved.

What has been a life-long love of fine foods and the cultures that produce them is now transformed into an exotic "Try before you buy" marketplace. We are constantly searching out the finest products from various mills and farms around the globe, and are bringing them to our little boutique in Downtown Hot Springs. Along with our delicacies we will have some native recipes and even some local recipes that our followers have provided.

Our mission is simple: To give our customers the best time they've ever had grocery shopping, and to send them home "felice pieno" or "Happily full".


  • Mon-Thurs: 10-7
  • Fri-Sat: 10-8
  • Sun: 10-6