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Effective Massage

Effective Massage

Possessing an intuitive touch, coupled with a thorough understanding of the human anatomy.

Janet Gillham is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Massage has been a lifelong endeavour for Janet. Thirty years of massaging friends, family members, co-workers and pets have given Janet an uncanny ability to apply firm, yet proper pressure. "The body should never be rushed. I let the the texture of soft tissue instruct me as to how deep and how fast  to push. I observe how my client holds her body during a massage. During a massage, I look for small clues of pain like a hard swallow, a furrowed brow, finger twitch or fluttering spasms in a muscle. Often a client “protects” a shoulder, by preventing normal range of motion during a massage. This tells me a lot. I start looking for dysfunction in key muscle groups. This sort of searching often reveals discomfort that a client has been living with needlessly.

Janet uses an eclectic repertoire of techniques and tools to promote relaxation and healing to help others find the relief that they seek. Each massage is different, each time requiring something unique. My job is to give the client what he or she seeks, be it therapy that gets results or relaxation, so that they sleep through the session.

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