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A Narrow Escape | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

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A Narrow Escape

A Narrow Escape

Hand-crafted puzzles with original themes in downtown Hot Springs! We have live adventures for puzzle-lovers of all ages. Will YOU make a narrow escape?


They are everywhere. If you have not heard of them, we will be happy to give you a brief body:

An escape room is a room full of puzzles that you must solve in a given time (typically 60 minutes) in order to escape the room!

Do you enjoy a really good brain-summary? Well so do we. That is why our team at A Narrow Escape works tirelessly to handcraft unique and original puzzles for the entertainment of our customers. An experience in one of our rooms will provide not only a pleasurable challenge, but a chance to interact with pieces of art found only here in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

A Clinical Trial

Our first adventure ("A Clinical Trial") takes you and your team back to 1953. While this was the year of many influential discoveries, not all who attempted such endeavors were successful. You are part of a trial group testing a machine created by Dr. Dennis Wade. However, you soon learn that not all is what it seems. You and up to five friends have sixty minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room!

"A Clinical Trial" is ideal for smaller groups, new players, and/or people looking for a more linear line of game play. "A Clinical Trial" has a very smooth game flow and works well for 2-5 players.

"A Clinical Trial" books full online at six players. If you would like to book for a larger party, call us at +1 (501) 777-5625. We will be happy to accomodate you if we are able.

The Bionic Dilemma

What makes us human? Take a peek into the world of robotics and the science of compassion.

You and up to seven other players are the top archaeological team of your time. During an extensive dig into an underground research facility, you happen upon Dr. Immure's lab. Auxilary power is somehow still active, and you discover the lab's eternal captive, Ada.

With the help of Ada, your team must make sense of hidden clues and puzzles in order to restore power, signaling the rescue team above. Will you be able to save everyone in the room? What sacrifices are worth making to save yourself?

"The Bionic Dilemma" is a great room for larger groups and/or experienced players. "The Bionic Dilemma" is our most challenging game!

"The Bionic Dilemma" books full online at eight players. If you would like to book for a larger party, call us at +1 (501) 777-5625. We will be happy to accomodate you if we are able.


Welcome to WonderLand!

The Queen of Hearts has stolen a very precious necklace from Alice, gifted by her grandmother. Alice quickly enlisted the help of the mice in the Queen's Castle, but time is running out, and mice do not work well under pressure. Can you pick up where they left off and find Alice's necklace before you are discovered?

"WonderLand" is excellent for players looking to simply have fun. With lots of hands-on tools, we find this room most suitable for groups of 3-6 players and/or semi-experienced players.

"WonderLand" books full online at six players. If you would like to book for a larger party, call us at +1 (501) 777-5625. We will be happy to accomodate you if we are able.

Appropriate Ages:

Our rooms are built to entertain 6-8 adults. The puzzles found at A Narrow Escape contain no crude or vulgar elements. We do not enforce an age minimum, as a love for science and curiosity can sprout at any age. However, we do ask that you take into consideration the reading ability, attention span, and interest of your child(ren) before booking. The suggested age minimum is 7 years.


$20.00 per ticket

A Narrow Escape is located in beautiful historic downtown Hot Springs. When traveling downtown on Central Ave, we are located in Spencer's Corner on the right. Subway and the Brick House Grill are housed in the first floor. A Narrow Escape is located on the second floor of Spencer's Corner.

Questions? Visit the FAQ section of our website here.

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