Hot Springs National Park Rangers | I Am Hot Springs

Hot Springs National Park is fantastically picturesque and definitely one-of-a-kind as National Parks go. We took thisdopportunity to hear from the people that maintain, protect and conserve this truly unique destination! What do they love most about Hot Springs? Hiking, ...

Soap Makers of Hot Springs | I Am Hot Springs

When your unofficial slogan was once, "We Bathe the World," you tend to take bath time "soaper" seriously. It should come as no surprise that Hot Springs is bubbling over with talented artisans who specialize in treats for the tub. ...

Hot & Steamy Hot Springs

People have been coming to Hot Springs for hundreds of years to get hot and steamy making it the perfect destination for a romantic get-away when you want to turn up the heat.  A horse-drawn carriage clickity clacks through downtown ...

Camping in Hot Springs

Hot Springs National Park offers a variety of experiences for just about any traveler. No other National Park in the country provides the luxury of exploring the great outdoors with the convenience of being just minutes away from the amazing ...

Lake Life | Destination: Hot Springs

Looking to cool off and play on the lake when you visit Hot Springs, Arkansas? You're in luck! With Lakes Catherine, Hamilton, and Ouachita all within a few minutes of the Spa City, you've got plenty of options for floatable fun.

Destination: Hot Springs | Hot Water Flavors

Hot Springs is known for its hot water. While folks frequently come to soak in the thermal springs, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy our namesake waters!

Hot Springs Named Top Ten Travel Destination

HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, Arkansas — The recently released U.S. Tourism Quality Index ranked Hot Springs, Arkansas as one of the top ten small destinations in the United States. The 2017 U.S. Tourism Quality Index measures tourism’s supply-side performance and ...

Brew With a View | Hot Springs, Arkansas

It’s not just the water bringing folks to Hot Springs each weekend. For those wanting to have a beer and a good conversation, the Spa City is the place for just that.

Cold Weather, Warm Baths

When the temperature cools down, the water is just right in Hot Springs. With several different options for soaking the winter blues away, there’s a reason it’s called the Spa City.