Faces of Travel - Hot Springs, AR

How long have you been in Hot Springs? I have been in Hot Springs since February, but this is my second time living in the city.

What attracted you to the Spa City area? The position of Executive Chef/Operator of The Avenue in downtown Hot Springs is what brought me to this wonderful city. The surrounding lakes are a great plus though, considering I love to be on the water.

What makes your business unique? Our business is unique because there are no other restaurants that will give you the culinary experience that we will. We bring an elevated type of dining with thoughtfully sourced ingredients from several local farms.

What is one important tourism tip you would share with other who wish to visit Hot Springs? One tip I can give to fellow Hot Springs visitors is don’t rush your stay, there are many relaxing things to do that require plenty of time to really appreciate your surroundings.

What does travel and tourism mean to you? Travel and tourism means multicultural interactions, and if were not for this, my career would not be as enjoyable. Without travel and tourism through the years we would not have all the different cuisines we have available to cook today.

Share a story about you being a tourist. Unfortunately, my career is very relentless and I don’t get much time off to travel. I did take a trip to South Beach Miami once for my birthday. The food was absolutely amazing, some of the greatest Cuban food I have ever eaten, mixed with the freshest seafood caught right off the beach. I was in culinary heaven for that whole weekend; I probably ate 10 times my weight in those 3 days.

How long have you been in Hot Springs? WE have been in Hot Springs all our lives both Justin and I attended rival school Lakeside and Lake Hamilton. We left for a stint with the US Army in 2001 and then returned in 2015.

What attracted you to the Spa City area? We have a heart for this community because this is where we were raised and our grandparents raised our parents in this quaint eclectic city! My grandmother lived and worked downtown as the head secretary at the Majestic and my grandfather and my parents were and are local entrepreneurs. Justin’s parents are local entrepreneurs as well because they love this community.

What makes your business unique? Things like faith and love are important, even in a craft beer taproom. We believe that your vocation is a calling - a tool that God uses to build relationships with others. As for our business, I am often asked, "why did you guys choose to get into the craft beer business?" Our response might not be what you'd expect - even though we love and offer amazing beer, it's our love for people that excites us about this venture. That means that relationships will forever be celebrated here at Craft Beer Cellar, Hot Springs! We love people, and we love good beer. We want people to know they can always trust us to provide a wholesome, and loving, beer loving experience. We have the largest number of taps in Hot Springs with 35 Taps and over 400 bottles of beer and wine. We have beer geeks excited about hospitality and the world of beer waiting to greet our customers. 

What is one important tourism tip you would share with other who wish to visit Hot Springs? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go where the locals go! These are the real gems in Hot Springs and our spot is a local hangout. Also, don’t miss out on the mountain trails while visiting Downtown Hot Springs-locals love these as well! 

What does travel and tourism mean to you? We love to travel and tour ourselves and know how precious that time is with family and friends. Hence, our desire to welcome all who enter our place with the best service possible, best beer available, and educated beer geeks. We offer games, beer and allow people to order in food while they just relax in our urban, eclectic fun-loving atmosphere.

Share a story about you being a tourist. We have toured many places, but going to Germany was our favorite! Travelling to Europe is such an eye-opening adventure that it ought to be a subsidized rite of passage for every single person around the world. Witnessing life beyond the US is educational, inspiring and just plain awe-inspiring. The hospitality, love for people, and love for beer was something amazing and completely unique! We make it a point to have tasteful experiences and truly enjoyed the incredible food and German beer. We desire to offer that same love, welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable beer geeks, amazing beer, and outstanding service to all who enter Craft Beer Cellar. 

Karrie Hobby - Oaklawn Racing & Gaming

How long have you been in Hot Springs? I moved to Hot Springs December 2009.

What attracted you to the Spa City area? My family trains thoroughbred race horses at Oaklawn Park, so ultimately I moved to Hot Spring to be closer to my parents.

What makes your business unique? My business is like no other in the state we have nearly 3000 unique food and beverage items. We provide several different serves from fine dining, causal sports bar & grill to your everyday fun concessions.

What is one important tourism tip you would share with other who wish to visit Hot Springs? Hot Springs is filled with history, history that envelopes the essence of some of America favorite past times.  When visiting Hot Spring you can fill you day by walking Bathouse Row learning about Hot Spring and all it has to offer.

What does travel and tourism mean to you? Everything without travel and tourism I’m not sure Hot Spring would exist.

Share a story about you being a tourist. I know when I travel I want to know everything about the places I go, their history what makes them work and why. I think that is because I’m from Hot Springs and I know how important tourism is.  I know that our greatest advertisement is word of mouth. For each person who comes to Hot Springs and has a wonderful time they are likely to return and tell others.

Dunkel & Whittaker - Stubby's BBQ

 How long have you been in Hot Springs? I’ve been in Hot Springs for 40 Years.

 What attracted you to the Spa City area? Hot Springs has been my home since birth.
What makes your business unique? Having been in operation since 1952, we have enjoyed seeing so many smiling faces throughout the generations and we are looking forward to the many years to come.
What is one important tourism tip you would share with other who wish to visit Hot Springs? Take in our lovely town and allow yourself some time to relax!
What does travel and tourism mean to you? The ability to continue our legacy among such a wonderful town and for the support from all who visit.

Share a story about you being a tourist. Seeing my son enjoy the beach in Destin as much as I did at his age. 

Anthony Valinoti of DeLuca's Pizzeria

How long have you been in Hot Springs? I have been a resident of Hot Springs for 4 1/2 years.

What attracted you to the Spa City area? An old friend from Las Vegas, pointed me in this direction, it took me one day of being here to realize I had found the home I had always been looking for.

What makes your business unique? DeLucas is an anomaly. Please remember I had no experience whatsoever in the restaurant business when I started this. So I guess you could say I had no preconceived notions on how to do this. I just did what I felt was right, as if you were having dinner in my house, I wanted it to be fun, loud, a place where we felt welcomed in, and more importantly a place where you could get something great to eat. We go to extraordinary lengths to make you something, that we are proud of serving. We still make all the dough by hand, the day before, we still source from 10-13 local farmers for our produce, we source meats and cheese from around the globe, please remember this is a pizza shop, but we treat pizza with a great deal of respect, and we care a great deal about what we serve you.

What is one important tourism tip you would share with other who wish to visit Hot Springs? Hot springs is a living post card. There is so much beauty throughout our great city. Visit our lakes, walk our downtown, visit our shops, sit in the window of the Superior Bathouse have a beer, and watch the city unfold before your eyes.

What does travel and tourism mean to you? We are primarily a tourist destination, so we rely, heavily on people who come to visit us. We are mindful of this, and we all go out of our way to make sure people who do visit us, feel welcome here. We want people to enjoy all that the city has to offer, to have fun, and make lasting memories for years to come.

Share a story about you being a tourist. I was traveling through Paris for the first time, I spoke no French what so ever. I was looking into a restaurant window trying to see the menu, and I could see this couple looking at me, I guess they sensed my trepidation about entering, so they came out, and asked me to join them for dinner, as it turned out they were the owners of the restaurant, I joined them, we spent many an hour talking and drinking wine, they told me where to go eat, what to see, they made completely comfortable in there city. It was a beautiful act of random kindness, to a stranger in a strange land.