Picking a travel destination can be tricky. Sure you can hit up your favorite locales, but that gets boring. Looking for somewhere new? You spend time browsing, reading Trip Advisor reviews, researching locations and making reservations -- only to hope that the destination lives up to your plans. Travel writer Jennifer Cuellar of Expedia Canada figures "Why leave it to chance when you can leave it to the stars?" 

Cuellar breaks down the 12 Zodiac Signs based on their personalities and preferences -- then pairs each with one Canadian and one international destination. It seems that Hot Springs is a hot spot for Scorpios (Oct. 23-Nov.21). She writes:

Bold, observant, and a dash of rogue tendencies. If there was a sign that loved places with a few shakes of illicit it would be you, Scorpio. Luckily, we know just the right spots where the lights are turned down low and something different is just around the corner.

Some gangsters prefer the spotlight in places like Las Vegas or New York. But real mobsters prefer the unexpected—which is why a place like Hot Springs, Arkansas, saw its share of intrigue and residents like Al Capone. Thus, this city is home to the Gangster Museum, with galleries that speak of former swindlers and bootleggers. While in town, you may also like a trip into Hot Springs National Park, where you can take in the sights while enjoying solitude only the Ozarks can provide. 

Sound like a Scorpio you know? If so - some of the can't miss spots include: 

The Gangster Museum

Take yourself back to the days when gambling, boot-legging, and prostitution brought people from all over the country to the Spa City through a one-hour guided tour of the city.

510 Central Ave
Hot Springs, AR 71901

The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa

Speaking of Al Capone, how about a trip back to the Roaring Twenties at his favorite resort hotel?  Experience the days when gangsters vacationed in Hot Springs, and relive the history of one of Gangland's biggest stars, Al Capone.  The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa offers a package includes Standard Room for two adults for two nights, Breakfast for two each morning, Mineral Water Bath and Massage (20 minute) per adult, and admission for two to the Gangster Museum of America. There's limited availability - so you'll want to call the front desk for details. 

239 Central Ave
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Al Capone Statue Outside of the Ohio Club in Hot Springs, AR
Take Your Photo With the Al Capone Statue Lounging Outside The Ohio Club

The Ohio Club

Arkansas' oldest bar was built in 1905 as a gambling casino and attracted gangsters including Al Capone and Bugsy Segel as well as entertainers including Mae West and Al Jolson. Stop by and admire the hand carved bar while you enjoy a frosty beer, juicy burger and live jazz.

336 Central Ave
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Maxine's Live

This popular watering hole embraces the roguish tendencies that Scorpios love. The spot is named after Maxine Temple Jones, a brothel-owner and business woman who amassed enough money to purchase the building. While there aren't any historic tours, Maxine's raucous spirit carries on with evenings filled with live music, outstanding food and beverages, and the occasional burlesque performance by the Foul Play Cabaret.

700 Central Ave.
Hot Springs, AR 71909