For the first time in #ShortestStPats Parade History, we're handing out a Golden Shamrock Award to the entrants who receive the most votes through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We're putting the decision on who has the best entry in the parade in your hands! 


  1. All voting will take place via social media – specifically: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and is open to members of the public in attendance at the parade. (So encourage your friends to attend!)
  2. Parade entrants will be given a number and corresponding hashtag. CHECK OUT THE LIST OF PARADE ENTRANTS AND THEIR HASHTAGS IN THE TABLE BELOW!
  3. Votes are cast by posting a photo from the parade to either Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag of the entrant(s) you like best. 
  4. Voting opens at the start of parade (6:30 p.m.) and will end approximately one hour after the parade ends (8:30 p.m.).
  5. The entry with the most votes across the three social media accounts wins.


  1. Winner will be announced via social media on Friday, March 18.
  2. The winner will receive a one of a kind 18’x24’ sign declaring them to be the Golden Shamrock Winner, which they may display at their place of business, home and on future parade entries.
  3. The winner will receive automatic entry in the following year’s parade.
  4. In addition to everything listed above the winner will maintain bragging rights for an entire year, social media glory, and a minimum of fifteen minutes of local fame. 
Participant Name To Vote, Use Hashtag:
HSFD Honor Guard & Hook and Ladder Truck #SSPFD
Lyon College Pipe Band #SSPLyon
Shamrock Queen Hannah Mills #SSPQueen
Taco Mama Zombie Leprechauns & Bull #SSPTacoMama
Leprechaun Ninjas #SSPNinjas
USA Irish Berdan Sharpshooters #SSPSharpshooters
Shamrock King Lloyd Jackson #SSPKing
Enjoying a Great Irish Spring #SSPSpring
Bucket List With an Irish Twist #SSPBucket
Arkansas Paparazzi #SSPPaparazzi
Ronald McDonald of the Irish Arches #SSPArches
Luck O'the Cupcakes #SSPCupcake
Shamrock Shimmiers #SSPShimmy
Boondocks Hooligans #SSPHooligans
Dinky O'Smartie - World's Shortest Car #SSPDinky
International Order of the Irish Elvi #SSPElvi
Wee Bit O'Paws Wars #SSPPaws
Lucky Limericks #SSPLimericks
The Tortilla Queens #SSPTortilla
The Luck of Magic #SSPMagic
Let the Heron Agency Protect Your Castle #SSPHeron
Paddy O'Furniture and the Irish Sitters #SSPSitters
The Lucky Leprechauns #SSPLucky
Leg it Off #SSPLeg
Fat Jack Sucking Diesel on Central #SSPFatJacks
Dancing in the Spirit #SSPSpirit
Celtic Sleep #SSPSleep
Off the Chain Irish Instigators #SSPChain
Garland County Library Book Cart Drill Team #SSPBook
Scooters Lucky Charms #SSPScooter
Brand Warrior Nation of Clan Startek #SSPStartek
Green Irish Flare on Red Coats #SSPRedCoats
Oaklawn Jockeys and Announcer #SSPOaklawn
Fun City Irish Chorus #SSPChorus