Ribs Some have joked that "Good barbecue comes from experience, and experience -- well, that comes from poor barbecue." In our experience, you'll be hard pressed to find barbecue that isn't good in Hot Springs.  With the wide variety of restaurants that have their best "Grill Team Captains" slinging sauces and choice cuts of meats, most locals will fiercely defend their favorite barbecue joint when asked which is the best.

So whether you want to take a peek at some pulled pork or fill your belly to bursting with beef, there are plenty of places to whet your appetite in the Spa City!

We asked each establishment the same few questions to get their opinon of the BBQ they serve; it is up to you to check them out and find your favorite!

Chuck's Southern Bar-B-Q

Chuck's BBQYear founded: 1984

Sauce: It is sweet, it is sour - that is all you need to know!

Best Seller: Pork - chopped or sliced

Must Try: Fried Pies, all homemade

Owner's Favorite: Chicken

What makes them stand out: When you park you will see the smoke house where everything is hickory smoked (including the sauce). And with their quaint dining room you will practically be eating with the pit-master!

McClard's Bar-B-Q

Year founded: 1928McClard's BBQ Hot Springs, AR

Sauce: Tomato based with a kick of spice - it started the business back in 1928!

Best Seller: Rib & Fry (you mean covered in fries?  YES!!!)

Must Try: Tamale Spread - hot tamales, beans, onions, Fritos, chopped beef with cheese on top!

Owner's Favorite: Chopped Beef (this is John's favorite, when you get there you might want to see what the family consensus is)

What makes them stand out: Being founded in 1928 gives McClards a long history of feeding not only many locals but also many of the rich and famous - their walls tell the story; you can read it while you wait for your food to arrive. And make note if you are stopping in for a meal there are no reservations, it is first come first serve to get your table!

Mickey's BBQ

Mickey's BBQYear founded: 1989

Sauce: Super-Secret, but has a little sweet and a little tart with heavenly spices!

Best Seller: Ribs

Must Try: Stuffed Baked Potato (you name it, they put it in there!)

Owner's Favorite: Chopped Beef Sandwich

What makes them stand out: A country feel with a down home atmosphere and location. Going for a picnic lunch at Gulpha Gorge, this is your place, pick it up to-go on your way!

Smokin' In Style BBQ

Year founded: 2004Smoked Sausage at Smokin' In Style

Sauce: Whatever you want - they have 6 different sauces

Best Seller: Ribs

Must Try: Baked Potato Salad

Owner's Favorite: Pulled Pork

What makes them stand out: If you are looking for a unique menu, this is your place - BBQ Quesadillas, fish and a burger the whole town talks about.


Stubby's Bar B Que

Pot-O Beans at Stubby's Year founded: 1952 (and you can't forget it with their slogan "Cooking Que Since '52")

Sauce: A mild sugary sweet sauce

Best Seller: Spudlicious Supreme Potato

Must Try: Pot-O-Beans (How can you go wrong with beans, ham & sauce?!)

Owner's Favorite: It is a tie between the smoked chicken and beef brisket

What makes them stand out: Stubby's has perfected customer service, their attention to detail and focus on the customer compliments the BBQ well!  They are also quite proud that everything they cook is smoked out back!