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Stardust Big Band

November 10, 2013 - 3PM

Location: Arlington Hotel, 239 Central Ave.

The Stardust Big Band had a full house on September 15 as the band capped the JazzFest of 2013. Sunday, October 6, is the next showcase scheduled for Stardust in the Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa at 239 Central. Starting time is 3pm. Admission is $8 with none for students 18 years and younger. We encourage the young student to attend and learn some ball room dance steps by participating with the instructors who have brought their students.

This powerhouse 17 piece big band, organized in 1982, is the only big band consistently performing in Arkansas. The popular TV show “Dancing With the Stars" would be hard pressed to compete with some of the professional dancers that will attend this event. These dancers come from as far away as Memphis, Texarkana, Waco, Dallas and Little Rock accompanied by their students and guaranteeing the evening’s entertainment promises as much for viewing as there is for dancing. The next 3 month schedule: October 6, November 10 & December 8.



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