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Hot Springs Horror Film Festival

Sept. 26, 2013 - Sept. 29, 2013

Location: Central Theater

Hot Springs Horror Film Festival at the Central Theater and various other venues throughout Hot Springs.

International Horror Film Festival sponsored by Cinevue Entertainment

The festival will include film submissions from around the globe as well as panel discussions, a film competition, awards, filmmaker reception, and Q&A sessions with a variety of film industry professionals. Attendees will enjoy "Film Spook Shops", designed to probide a forum to showcase production gear, techniques and industry insider information. A film panel discussion on the business of film production, Financing and Distribution with hose Andy Van Roon CEO/GM of FILM-COM. Also on hand will be the 32' "Leviathan Camera Crane", built by Universal Studios in the early 1900's and used by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock ("Psycho", "The Birds").

Some special guests to appear include Film Director Steven C. Miller ("The Aggression Scale", "Under the Bed", "Silent Night"), Justin Beahm (Voice of the Halloween Franchise and Film Director of "You Can't Kill the Boogeyman"), Gene Sive ("Valley of the Vampires", Sive Porductions) as well as Wayne Brekke and Tim Welch, hosts of the popular Horror Podcast "Necronomicast". 

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