Ages 6-9

Tuesday, Dec. 26th 

Gross Stuff 

Learn about the science of slimy stuff, smelly stuff, and generally icky stuff in this grossology camp.

Wednesday, Dec. 27th 


Solve mysteries with police procedures in this CSI themed camp.  We'll show you fingerprinting and how to gather clues to catch the killer!

Thursday, Dec. 28th 

Intro to Circuitry and Coding 

Build your own circuit blocks and use an Arduino LilyPad to code and control them in this basic programming camp.

Friday, Dec. 29th 

Misdirected Science 

Learn the science behind stage magic and the art of misdirection.

For registration please call 501-767-3461 ext. 115 or email for questions.  Cost is $45 per day for members and $50 for non-members. TAXES INCLUDED!