In a world where many eyes are glued to smartphones and other high-tech gadgets, Brenda Bennett and Darlene Garstecki seek to show us something different – something pleasing to the eyes – beyond the everyday world and its digital distractions.

Brenda Bennett is an award-winning oil and acrylic painter. Ms. Bennett’s canvases depict a variety of subjects, including landscapes and wildlife. She does not gravitate toward one type of subject matter in particular though, and explains that her paintings choose her. “In essence, my day-to-day experiences dictate my work,” she explains.

Darlene Garstecki is an award-winning contemporary fiber art designer from Hot Springs Village. Her fiber art is a result of her passion for nature, travel and photography. She incorporates her photographs into realistic fiber art for the home or business using bright, clear hues and thread/bead embellishments to enhance each piece to add texture and depth.

Art Exhibits in the Magnolia Room are free and open to the public.