#TBT - Movies at the Market Picnic

Summer is the perfect time for slowing down and traveling – even time traveling! And that is just what you can do when you visit Hot Springs Movies at the Market showing at The Hot Springs Historical Farmers Market. Each Thursday night in June and July you are invited to travel back to a time when life moved at a slower pace, and when families and friends all loaded up in the car and went to watch movies in the great outdoors, enjoying great company and entertainment.

Spectacular Summer Events in Hot Springs

Summer is a great time to visit Hot Springs, and I always enjoy looking ahead at the calendar to see what sort of events are coming up, planning both our day and overnight excursions.

Hot Springs Bucket List

Many iconic things come to mind when you picture visiting Hot Springs including the horse races at Oaklawn and Bathhouse Row. But there's so much more to the Spa City! Consider this a sort of Hot Springs bucket list - you might not be able to do everything on the list in one trip, but it's a fun way explore the city over and over again. Where will you start? In no particular order, here are 51 fun things to do in Hot Springs.

A Look Back: Walking the Promenade

Growing up in Hot Springs I was lucky enough to experience the beauty and magical feel of the city every day. When I was a little girl I would stay with my grandparents a lot during the summer while my mom worked and nearly every morning my Poppy and I had the same routine...we would get up, meet some of his friends for breakfast at McDonalds and then we would go for a walk. We walked all over Hot Springs but my absolute favorite place was, and still is, the Grand Promenade.

Fall Events Around Hot Springs

As the weather cools down the fun heats up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Grab your calendar and save the date so you won't miss out on any of the great events coming up in the autumn months.

Explore Hot Springs By Air, Land and Water

After a visitor to Hot Springs, Arkansas discovered an 8.25 carat diamond at a nearby state park, the world has been curious about what other AMAZING adventures can be found when exploring the area. Have no fear, travelers! We've handpicked some breathtaking locations and awe-inspiring activities for you to enjoy the Spa City -- be it by land, water or sky!

Movies At the Market 2015

Visit Hot Springs and the Hot Springs Young Professionals are excited to bring you something new this summer! Thursdays in June and July we'll be airing FREE screenings of popular movies at the Farmers' Market at sundown. Pack your blankets, snacks, and bug spray and come prepared to have fun!

What you need to know: Hot Springs BBQ

Some have joked that "Good barbecue comes from experience, and experience -- well, that comes from poor barbecue." In our experience, you'll be hard pressed to find barbecue that isn't good in Hot Springs, Arkansas. With the wide variety of restaurants that have their best "Grill Team Captains" slinging sauces and choice cuts of meats, most locals will fiercely defend their favorite barbecue joint when asked which is the best. So whether you want to take a peek at some pulled pork or fill your belly to bursting with beef, there are plenty of places to whet your appetite in the Spa City!

Itinerary: Family Weekend in Hot Springs

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Kids don’t really like visiting Hot Springs --- they LOVE it! From amusement and water parks to hands-on museums and more, there’s no shortage of fun for families in the Spa City. Moms and dads love bringing the groups here because there are plenty of options to entertain groups containing toddlers and teens.